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(Sorry... Da melde ich mich Ewigkeiten nicht, und dann knall ich euch so einen Text vor die Nase. xD - Aber ich lebe noch, keine Panik! Wer es noch nicht mitbekommen hat - ich bin vor allem auf Twitter sehr aktiv! *_*)

Vor ein paar Nächten habe ich endlich "Metro 2033" beendet und ich musste einfach etwas zu diesem Buch schreiben, weil ich schon lange keinen Roman mehr gelesen habe, der so atmosphärisch dicht und mitreißend war und mir gleichzeitig so eine scheiß Angst eingejagt hat.

Trotz seiner knapp 750 Seiten Umfang – den Anhang mit den Erläuterungen zum besseren Verständnis mancher Dinge, mit denen man als Nicht-Moskauer sonst seine Probleme gehabt hätte, mal nicht mitgerechnet – hätte ich ein so spannendes Buch zu einer anderen Zeit in höchstens drei Tagen verschlungen, aber leider lese ich seit ein paar Jahren kaum noch Bücher, darum hat sich der Prozess stattdessen über fast zwei Monate hingezogen.
Da ich allerdings (unfreiwillig) den Großteil der letzten Woche über kein Internet hatte, habe ich mich eines Abends hingesetzt und beschlossen, das Buch endlich mal zu Ende zu lesen. Also habe ich den Rest der Nacht damit verbracht, mir die noch fehlenden 400 Seiten reinzuziehen, und war am nächsten Morgen zwar todmüde, aber auch sehr begeistert.

Schon als ich ein paar der Romane von Sergej Lukianenko (Autor von "Wächter der Nacht" etc.) gelesen haben, die in einem ähnlich düsteren, aber zugleich sehr nachdenklichen Tonfall geschrieben sind, wie dieses Buch, fiel mir auf, wie verdammt gut russische Science Fiction eigentlich ist - und "Metro 2033" hat diesen Eindruck wieder einmal bestätigt.

Aus diesem Grund habe ich mich nun nach langem mal wieder an so etwas wie einer Rezension versucht, denn das Buch hat es meiner Meinung nach einfach verdient.

Die Welt von 'Metro 2033'Collapse )

Zum InhaltCollapse )

Meine MeinungCollapse )




... well, at least my hands have finally stopped shaking.

Click for bigger size. =)

Do you remember when I said that Gackt in Europe was the Best Thing in 2010?
Well, that was before LUNA SEA announced their world tour.

While Gackt is one of my first J-Rock crushes and more some kind of... guilty pleasure, so to speak, I love LUNA SEA with all my heart and soul. I love this band and its dorky, wonderful band members so much, I can't even begin to describe it. When they announced their first reunion concert in 2007, I wouldn't have hesitated to fly to Japan - if I would have had the money (and a concert ticket of course) back then.
I just love them so, so, soooooo much. ;___; ♥
Without them, I wouldn't even know some of you guys...

But seriously - could that announcement have been even MORE spontaneous?
I'm already so broke this month...

These motherfuckers. But I'll still be coming... somehow. xD
And then they better take good care of Inoran, because I might steal him... ;P


Okay, guys.
I haven't checked my LJ friends list in more than a month for different reasons (my exams in Japanese being only one of them), and I don't really have the time to read all the 800+ posts I've missed since. So if there's anything you want me to know/read, please tell/link me. =)

I'm back from my short trip to Gackt's concerts in Munich and Bochum - and boy, what a trip that was! xD

Two concerts.
Three cities.
Five days.
More than 1500 km by train.

And it was Totally. Worth. Every damn cent.

Gackt has a weird stage persona, though.
I've watched quite a few of his concerts before, but it's still awkward to see him live on stage. He's got an amazing voice, sure, but he's so... plastic and perfectionist and alien sometimes, like he's not human or something.
And there is the cheesiness, of course, and the crazy dance moves that really don't look cool. - Not at all. xD Not even with those abs. *coughs*
The first thing that made him REAL for me was the smile at the end of the concert - a smile that could light up the sky at night... and that made me remember why I like him so much.
So yeah, he might be weird and over-dramatic, but he's also utterly adorkable. =)

P.S.: And I so wanted to adopt Chachamaru. - Seriously! How can that man be 50 years old? He looks like 12! xD

World Cup 2010

Do you know what I like most about the World Cup?

It's the only time in four years when it's okay to show the German flag without having others think that you're a Nazi. And when it's okay to say I'm proud to be German without having people look at you strangely - because during those four precious weeks the whole country feels the same way.

I wonder how many years still have to pass until I can use that phrase in a harmless and innocent I like my country and love living here kind of way. Until there's no negative connotation left, just because I show some national pride. Until this country finally develops a healthy national spirit.

Until there are no guilty feelings left.

Maybe that will never happen.
And maybe we deserve it.

But still...
It just makes me so sad.

Tonight's episode of Doctor Who was the most beautiful and melancholic thing I've seen in a long time.
I nearly cried my eyes out at the end of the episode... in fact, I'm still crying.
It was just so heartbreaking.

From this day on Vincent and the Doctor is my new favorite Doctor-Who-episode-involving-historical-figures. It's even better than the Shakespeare episode in season 3 (and I liked that one a lot).

The guy who played Vincent Van Gogh was bloody brilliant. His potrayal of the artist was so intense, I wanted to hug him like a thousand times. What a mad and tormented man Van Gogh must have been... =(

Also yay @ Bill Nighy! And his little speech at the end of the episode, which made me cry like a child. ;__;

I hope this won't be the last Doctor Who episode by Richard Curtis that we'll see.
That man is just so good at what he's doing.

OH GOD, I SO HOPE THIS ISN'T A JOKE! O__________________O""""

From the new Gan-Shin newsletter:


Brace yourself, July will be very very HOT! For years legions of fans have waited for this moment, now finally legendary GACKT will tour Europe for the first time! GACKT will perform at a very selective choice of clubs in London, Paris, Barcelona, Munich and Bochum. Don't miss the rare chance to experience a true legend of Japanese Rock live. Seeing this mega superstar in such an intimate atmosphere will make these shows an unforgetable unique event for all fans world-wide. Tickets will go on sale on June 7th and are strictly limited!

16.7.10 O2 Academy Islington / London / UK - www.ticketweb.co.uk
18.7.10 Alhambra / Paris / France - www.fnac.com, www.digitick.com, www.ticketnet.fr
20.7.10 Salamandra 1 / Barcelona / Spain - www.ticketmaster.es
22.7.10 Theaterfabrik / Munich / Germany - www.neotokyo.de
24.7.10 Zeche / Bochum / Germany - www.neotokyo.de

abingdon boys school in Berlin

(And to make you hate me a little bit more... *coughs* 8D)

First of all: :D

I GOT AN AUTOGRAPH FROM abingdon boys school T.M.REVOLUTION abingdon boys school!!! *_____________*

... ahem. Sorry. x'D

I'm not sure, if most of the people who went to the signing sessions in Berlin and Bochum even knew how popular this guy is. For some reason... I don't think so. x'D

Anyway, I wasn't as excited as expected when I entered Neotokyo on Sunday (maybe because it was so damn cold and we had to wait nearly an hour before we got inside). The signing session was pretty cool; the members of abingdon boys school were very nice and polite people who didn't even look half as old as they were. *laughs*

And of course, there was Takanori.

Oh god, how do I describe him? *laughs*
Well, the first thing I noticed is that he isn't exactly tall. He's just about 1,60m and so skinny that he looks even younger than he already does. ;)
And then there's this energy and cheerfulness about him that I can't even begin to describe, combined with the sweetest smile you can possibly imagine. He clearly loves his job and he loves his fans and he shows this love all the time, shows it to every single one of us.
His charisma was kinda stunning and he was shaking my hand before I could even say "hello". *laughs*
He really is one of the most likeable Japanese artists I've ever met. =)

The concert *-*Collapse )

Oh, wow... *_*"

I just finished watching the first episode of the new show FlashForward, which was broadcasted last Thursday, because three new episodes of different shows every week obviously aren't enough for me. xD Also, the next episode of Leverage won't be aired before January 2010, so I just NEED another show to watch.
sajina recommended it over at her LJ - thanks so much! ♥ - and the plot sounded so intriguing, I just HAD to check it out.

L.A. - just minutes after the "mass blackout".

Genre: drama, thriller, post-apocalypse (or maybe pre-apocalypse, it's hard to tell, really)

Episodes: 13 (+ 9 more, depending on the success of the show)

Summary of the plot: (stolen from Wikipedia, because I'm lazy :D)

A mysterious global event causes everyone on the planet to simultaneously lose consciousness for 137 seconds (2 minutes, 17 seconds), during which people worldwide see what appear to be visions of their lives six months in the future. The event results in some deaths and leaves the survivors wondering if what they saw will happen.

My thoughts on the show:
I haven't watched a pilot episode this exciting since I saw the very first episode of LOST years ago. But FlashForward feels more "real" to me, because everyone, the whole world is affected by what happened, not just a few people. The way the story is told reminds me a lot of LOST, though - there is an incredible amount of questions, especially about what happened, what might happen, and why some things DIDN'T happen (the end kinda creeped me out 8D), so basically you have no idea what's going on most of the time.
Also, I like the very British ♥ cast a lot - two of the main characters are played by Joseph Fiennes and Jack Davenport, and I'm sure you're quite familiar with some of the other actors as well.

I'm really, reeeaaally looking forward to the next episode and I hope the rest of the season will be as exciting and brilliantly told as the pilot episode. :D

The Birthday ♥


Okay, I love a lot of voices, but if I could marry one of them RIGHT NOW, it would be Yusuke Chiba's.
Ever since I saw The Birthday live at the Rising Sun Rock Festival, I'm like "Need. To. See. Them. AGAIN." because this was by far the best J-Music live act I've ever seen. - No, seriously. *_*

In case you don't already know the band - here's my current favorite song by them it's pure audio porn:

The Birthday - Shachi

Uhm, and yes, his voice IS a bit hard to get used to, if you've never heard it before, but their music is so brilliant, you'll get over it, I promise. xD



By coincidence I found a live version of one of the songs they played at the festival. I didn't know the name of the song because I'd never heard it before, but it's so beautiful and perfect, it gave me goosebumps.
It's awesome to hear it again like that now. *_*


Oh god, finally! *___*

After looking for it for YEARS (literally!), I finally found the Live Rocket London Side PV DVD - the very last thing I needed to complete my ZI:KILL collection.
- Thank you so much, Tower Records! <333 (Why can't WE have a shop like that? ;__;)

God, I love this song so much. *_*
And the PV is great as well; London really must have been an awesome place for them... so many great music and bands to discover. =)

Wahh, Ken, you spiky-haired, cuddly little... smug boy! ♥ *_*

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