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(Masterly) Friends Only

Time for a decent friends only entry...

- Comment to be added.
- Most entries are in German, some are in English.
- I'm a fangirl, so expect a lot of random fangirling. ♥
- Every time I find a new hobby, I tend to be quite obsessed with it. My interests change approximately every two years; right now (as of 2012) I'm very much into Batman and everything DC related. Other things I fangirl are Doctor Who (my favorite TV show), TV shows in general, Japanese rock music and Final Fantasy VII. ♥
- Please don't add me if we've a) never talked to each other before, or b) don't have anything in common. If you want to find out more about my interests, please read my LJ profile. =)



6. Dez 2010 14:04 (UTC)
Makes it a lot easier indeed, i don't have many fandom friends on LJ really, so i often am rambling onto a wall with my other account since i have like, one or two friends on it and they don't comment. The fanfic journal is a bit better though, but those are usually comments about the stories so i don't know if they count really...
And i will add you with the other account to once i get home from school, don't have the energy to logg out from this one now xD

Just Zack alone makes you want to replay the entire game! Maybe because he's actually the only happy character from the entire series, all the others are depressed in some way. Well, Reno isn't, he's just lazy as hell. I like his attitude towards work, it's very much like mine. ''yeah, I'll go after Cloud and his gang *hangs up on phone* but I'm on vacation''

Speaking of FFVII (again) i played about six hours yesterday and finally reached the part where Aerith dies, and i was ridiculesly happy actually. Don't ask me why. But now i realize I'll miss her limit break like hell. And I'm on disc two now, so booyah!

We all have those amount of things when we can't be around one another. I am still pretty nice without sleep, maybe more irritated, bossy and thinks everyone around me is a moron but hey, thats beside the point. I get really grumpy if i don't get to write anything at all however
9. Dez 2010 17:33 (UTC)
Hey there~!
I'm sorry for being so slow at answering comments, I'm just really busy right now and I'm SO looking forward to the Christmas Holidays, it's not even funny. xD

Anyway, thanks for adding me with your other account! ♥
I was just starting to write this comment when I got the notification, so yeah... thanks! :D
I have to admit, though, that I'm pretty lazy at writing comments, too. xD
But I really enjoy reading the entries on my friends list. =)

Nah, I think Aerith is a pretty happy character, too. ^^
But since she's as naive as Zack I'm not really sure if that even counts. xD
But yes, the world of FF VII is really dark and apocalyptic, and there's just so much angst, it's amazing. - No, seriously, it's one of the reasons I love this game so much. xD
Of course I like Zack (because honestly - everything else would be just impossible), but I prefer the darker characters like the other guys from SOLDIER (especially Genesis - who's just insane and therefore a lot of fun - and Sephiroth and Angeal) and Rufus Shinra and - of course - the Turks. ♥
I love Tseng and I lovelove Reno, because I'm fascinated by his "I don't care" attitude and his capacity to kill hundreds of innocent people by dropping a whole Midgar sector on their heads, while on the other hand he still cares a lot about his friends. I think most (if not all) of the Turks are really fucked up in one or the other way and I just don't get tired to write fanfiction about them. *coughs*
So, uhm, FF VII is kind of my fandom at the moment and the one I've written most of my fanfiction about during the last three years. >D
And in the last one I killed Reno for the first time and I still feel a bit guilty about it. T__T
... annnnnd I can't really stop talking when it comes to FF VII as you might have already noticed. I just love this game and it's crazy and sad and tragic characters and story so much~! *_* ♥

Yeah, I missed Aerith, too. D:
Not only because of her limit break, but also because Cloud got even more depressed... though I still think that the sudden death of a beloved main character so early in that game is one of the greatest things ever done in the history of video games. You don't see that very often. xD

Oh, I know that problem, too. Dx
I haven't really written anything for about half a year until... just a week before the concert, I think. I really love writing and couldn't imagine to live without it, so not being able to write anything useful for such a long time was really frustrating and already started to piss me off. xD
9. Dez 2010 21:07 (UTC)
Haha don't worry about it all, I've been pretty busy anyway so it's not like it had been waiting for days or something. I'm exited about the holidays to, just to get some time of, not because of the holidays xD I'm not fond of Christmas, never have been anyway. And no problem for adding, that account needed some more friends anyway xD And great that it had such a great timing then! It was an omen! And enjoying reading them is also a good part of it all, otherwise they are just annoying.

She might be happy but she's damn naive so no, it doesn't count at all xD On the other hand, people can think what they like of female characters in the game. I tend to hate them all, Elena: Shut up, sit down and do your work without asking. Aerith: Woman PLEASE stop selling drugs to the others and look so genuinely happy about everything, you can't do anything on your own, not even building a flower wagon. Tifa: You just want Cloud since he ''was'' in Soldier do you? Leave the guy alone. Yuffie: She stole my materia, enough said. Jenova: All her limbs tried to kill me, and her son, enough said again.
Yeah, i have a little aggravation against female characters xD But they just annoy me so easily since you have to do everything for them. I mean, Vincent i would understand with those shoes, but he does everything himself, gha.
But yes, all the angst is probably a good factor to why people love the game, but i just love the world in general. I often wish it was real and i could live in it, no kidding. I'd be Zack/Reno's best friend in a heartbeat. We'd go on our own little crusade of happy happy joy joy, party and I'd hand Cloud a bottle of anti depressants and send him to a shrink!
I'm not that fond of Genesis, but that could be since my dislike to Gackt and he's obviously based on him, just because Square Enix fangirls him just as much as he fangirls them in return.
And speaking of Reno! I swore to get an icon of him on my LJ before i replied this comment, and what do you know, i started looking once i started Advent Children and once the credits showed up, i finally found one. And who isn't fangirling FFVII at the moment? I have nobody here from my friends circle who do it, so I've been fangirling on my own for like, years now and i hate it. But now i have a fellow fandom friend!
I haven't written that much FF fanfiction however. I started one idea as a crack joke to Crisis Core. The part where Zack goes to Costa del Sol and his vacation overlaps with Cissnei's? Well, I decided to write his vacation on seven days and it would be a fuckfest, every night someone new. And he'd only ''sleep'' once with Cissnei. I got to nine pages and he isn't even in bed with the first girl. He only sleeps with made up characters besides Cissnei so i guess it doesn't really count. I should give it a real try, have nothing to write at the moment.
Eitherway, back to Reno xD I love his comments in the game, ''Even the booze tastes bad now'' & ''Yeah yeah, I'll go after Cloud and his gang *hangs up* But I'm on vacation.''

And i didn't miss her at all besides the limit break, small misunderstanding there, but I'm sure you noticed that higher up xD

I'd go insane without being able to write. I literally write every day, i carry a notebook everywhere i go. Which you saw in Germany, but when i say everywhere means that it's always in my bag with me, and if not there, in my hand. My wrist has already taken permanent damage of all the writing i have done in my life. I ruined it when i was fourteen so that was really smart. At it's worst days i can't even hold a glass of water since it hurts so much. So thats why I've made a promise to myself, I'm writing a trilogy, so when the first book gets published, I'm buying a blackberry just for writings sake and buying my friends on picnic. The second one involves a minilaptop instead of notebook and the third one hasn't been decided...

Either way, i should go now, it's ten in the evening, still haven't eaten any dinner yet, not starving yet, thats why. But if i don't get started soon, dinner will be ready by midnight, usually takes an hour for me so xD

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