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(Masterly) Friends Only

Time for a decent friends only entry...

- Comment to be added.
- Most entries are in German, some are in English.
- I'm a fangirl, so expect a lot of random fangirling. ♥
- Every time I find a new hobby, I tend to be quite obsessed with it. My interests change approximately every two years; right now (as of 2012) I'm very much into Batman and everything DC related. Other things I fangirl are Doctor Who (my favorite TV show), TV shows in general, Japanese rock music and Final Fantasy VII. ♥
- Please don't add me if we've a) never talked to each other before, or b) don't have anything in common. If you want to find out more about my interests, please read my LJ profile. =)



19. Dez 2007 20:24 (UTC)
Do you really want to? ;)
My entries are so stupid sometimes, haha. xDD
But sure, you can add me (I'll add you back then, if you don't mind ^^).

And I think your German is pretty good. <3

I know it would be easier for others to understand what I'm talking about if I wrote my entries in English, but... I don't really want to, because I love my native language just too much. =)
19. Dez 2007 20:37 (UTC)
Haha, yes!
Lol, but stupid entries are awesome! XD
I don't mind at all. ^o^ (My entries are stupid sometimes too.)

Aww, thank you. <3

Don't worry too much about it... I like reading German. ^ ^ I'm just not very good at speaking/writing it for some reason.
19. Dez 2007 21:03 (UTC)
Okay, so let's be stupid together then. xDD *adds*


That's normal I think. :)
I understand most English texts, too, but I don't speak or write it very well... it always takes an eternity when I do so. xD

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