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... to obsession and insanity. :D
   Name:  Franzi
Nickname:  Morwen
Age:  27
   Gender:  Female

- music & people
- evening hours
- books & TV shows
- writing (fan) fiction
- foreign languages
- traveling
- Europe
- iced coffee & Martini
- rock concerts
- sarcasm

- unnecessary rushing
- morning hours
- stupidity
- abuse one’s authority
- intolerant people
- elitism
- smoking
- the German Railways
- boy bands & girl groups
- badly written fanfiction & OOCness
My (fan) fiction
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action movies, akihito tokunaga, anime, art-school, artemis fowl, b'z, bass, batman, battle angel alita, berlin, black books, blur, british tv shows, britrock, buck-tick, bump of chicken, cali≠gari, captain america, captain jack harkness, captain jack sparrow, coldplay, crisis core, cynism, d'erlanger, d'espairsray, damian wayne, dc comics, dead end, discworld, doa, doctor who, douglas adams, dystopic fiction, ellegarden, elves, ends, english, fake?, fanfiction, fantasy, fiction, final fantasy vii, firefly, france, gackt, gazette, gen, germany, grapevine, great britain, hard rock, hide, hyde, häagen-dazs, inoran, iron man, irony, japan, japanese rock music, jesus christ superstar, led zeppelin, leipzig, leverage, life on mars, london, lord of the rings, lost, lucy, luna sea, maedhros, mando diao, manga, marvel comics, merlin, miyavi, monty python, motoo fujiwara, msting, mucc, neon genesis evangelion, noldor, oasis, olivia, one piece, paris, parody, peter gabriel, plastic tree, prague, primeval, queen, quruli, radiohead, radwimps, red hot chili peppers, ryoichi endo, satire, sherlock, singing, slash, sleeping, soft ballet, splatter movies, star trek, star wars, straightener, subtle humor, supernatural, sushi, syrup16g, taizé, takui, terry pratchett, the avengers, the back horn, the beatles, the birthday, the dandy warhols, the doctor, the hobbit, the master, the middleman, the pillows, the silmarillion, tolkien, tony stark, torchwood, u2, walter moers, x japan, x-men, yu-gi-oh the abridged series, zamonien, zi:kill, 音楽と人